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Organisational development with Theory U

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Organisational Development with Theory U offers practical tools based on the ideas in the books Presence by Peter Senge and Theory U by Otto Scharmer. As a model, Theory U provides new insights into change processes. It is a social learning model which is attracting attention all over the world by helping groups and communities to harness the wisdom of the crowd and bring about sustainable results that benefit people, the planet and profit.

A practical tool for organisational development

Organisational Development with Theory U shows how companies can use Theory U in their daily business. Several exercises and techniques are used to illustrate the possibilities of the U-process and how to facilitate groups undertaking the process. Ten case studies demonstrate how it helped Dutch companies, such as KLM Cargo, Achmea, TNO, Enviu and The Impact Hub Amsterdam, and turn the book into a beautiful and practical tool in the toolbox of coaches, consultants and trainers working with organisational development.


Process of change in motion

'Esther and Eva did very important work with this book. It combines a clear explanation of Theory U with accessible explanations of practical methods. The cases in the second part decisively illustrate the applicability of Theory U. It is an inspirational book that will help many people to discover new sources of insights to feed the economical and societal transitions that are needed in our time.' - Herman Wijffels Professor of sustainability and social change, University of Utrecht, and a former representative of The Netherlands at the World Bank

'I appreciate Eva and Esther’s encouragement to all of us to embody Theory U and presencing to truly bring more awareness, kindness and courage to our work and to our world.' - Arawana Hayashi Presencing Institute

'Theory U was alive already, and this book gives it hands and feet to stand and walk on, and to put change processes into action.' - Jan Jacob Stam Founder of the Bert Hellinger Institute, The Netherlands


Also available in Dutch.

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